Our Story

CC Botanicals was created by Chris Chanter, a clean green perfumer, aromacologist and specialist in plant sourced scent design. Chris is committed to sustainably sourced ingredients, keeping the planet green and supporting small family owned distilleries. The CC Botanicals line includes organic therapeutic balms, hair care for beards and bushes, and a line of complex organic fragrances.

Chris’ perfumed life started at the age of 18. During her year of travel through Europe and Africa she was led to a small village in Bulgaria known for the world’s most precious rose oil. Remembering her beloved Auntie Dawne’s love of perfumes, she purchased a tiny vial to bring home for her. It would be years later after nurse’s training and massage therapy school that Chris came full circle, back to essential oils. Committed to only working with the best, she received her International Professional Aromatherapy status in 1995 under the tutelage of Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt (Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy).

Based in Toronto, Canada, the CC Botanicals studio produces small batch, botanical products of authentic purity. Specializing in custom synergy blends, air diffusion for public and commercial spaces, and premium organic perfumery.

Fun facts about Chris: She also ran a music festival for a number of years, is a hot shot event emcee and has traveled the globe with Dr. Patch Adams on his humanitarian escapades.

All photography by Rebecca Wood